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"Social media does not lend itself well to original thought"

"Social media does not lend itself well to original thought"

I heard that during an interview with Tyler, the Creator on Hot97 as they discussed the perils of social media discourse contouring our consciousness, creative palate and conscience on many matters - it's not always a bad thing but it is so automated and contrived that I honestly get sick of it all. 🤮

This made me think about the dark, algorithm-controlled nature of our collective digital discourse that simply profit$ corporations and transforms humans into cloned psycho-bots of uncritical, unoriginal thought. Folks social analysis be meme-deep, reactionary with no fucking nuance and I can't pretend this is intellectually sustainable to perpetually engage.

Nobody reads classic literature or research anymore. When last have some of us been to an actual library?📖 Do we have our own interests, preferences, opinions, tastes outside the dictum of popular cultures clickbait?

The marching orders are to just post, retweet and regurgitate what faux-deep shit's in vogue for likes and attention. The combined ingredients of our short attention spans, the impressionableness and naïvety of young minds, creates the ultimate digital hivemind in just a few finger swipes.

We are all under the spell of this virtual hypnosis at some level but most of us aren't aware enough to be sick of it.

This is why it's so important to intentionally curate our creative and conscious palate by being a picky consumer.

If you eat out of trash can you will smell like garbage and produce trash.

If all you do is regurgitate other people's uninformed opinions and every fucking viral post or roast you will never achieve your potential. And you gotta detox on a regular.

I don't give a shit about what or who's the rave right now, I'm on my own shit.

Our creativity, originality and our autonomy requires us to be tenaciously intentional about this.

It's time to get on the digital blindfolds,👓

Filter out all distractions.

I've got magic to manifest.

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