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Religious and racial supremacy

I was thinking about religious supremacy and how similar it is to racial supremacy.

Religious supremacists and racial supremacists are very similar and is the reason I condemn both. 1) They both carry the inherent, internal, deeply held conviction that they are exclusively and uniquely special compared to every other group and are chosen as some kind of manifest destiny of the "gods". 2) They have literature, research and propaganda that they point towards when asked to prove why they think they are so special. 3) They both believe they have the right to dominate and subjugate "outsiders" and create violent systems that maintain a heirarchy of power and influence that re-affirms their deluded sense of grandeur. History is replete with examples of how their ideologies of supremacy have led to the harm of so many minority groups. 4) They are both in bed with conservative political partisanship and treat every attempt to widen societal access to liberation as communism or Marxism and a threat to their security. 5) They both gaslight critics and shift the goal posts when discussing the legacy of their oppression. Everything else should get the blame but their unfounded delusion of supremacy. 6) Even while in the dominant majority, they cry persecution when the marginalized try to breathe and liberate themselves from their toxic stranglehold. It amazes me how many can see these these traits above when it comes to white supremacy, and can't see how Christian supremacy is the same.

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