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Grandma's Legacy - a review

I didn't know my two grandmothers. One was Nigerian and the other was Jamaican. I was regaled with stories about who they were and what kind of fragrance they left in the memories of those who passed them to me. Listening to Yoel share with candour about his experience with his grandmother reminded me of the dreams I conjured up about those formidable heroines who crafted my path even before I arrived here. Yoel's heart-rending account of his formative years with his grandmother and her eventual transition felt disrespectful to eavesdrop on a grandson's grief. The pivotal element of trying to appease his grandmother's faith legacy was such a touching base for me. I know how I felt when my mother suddenly transitioned and her spiritual legacy shook me to make certain choices that eventually turned out to be emotional glitches on my part. Loss makes us act oddly until we catch ourselves on way back to our core. Yoel's easy way always moves me. I am glad that his candour shone brighter with an authentic flair. This episode was a touching and challenging one to boot but unequivocally essential. Therapy is key though because grief can have deep effects that we may not be aware of. Check it out Grandma's Legacy here -zari olawale, London

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