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A review of the Black Trans Visibility episode

Guest review by Zari Olawale

Upon listening to the intro of this quite groundbreaking podcast by Yoel Omowale, I sat with expectancy for a conversation that would step out of the box, set it on fire and watch it burn. Nic Dawes' voice and ballsy inflection stoked my interest from the off. I heard the sound of raw truth about to spill. Yoel's signature interview skills worked its magic as Nic felt safe and they dropped pearls of life wisdom like it's more than hot. I was moved by Nic's brutally beautiful story of becoming in their sexual space in the world. I found Nic to be uncannily articulate with the gentle power of their authentic self. I was especially caught in thought as I heard Nic make statements that shook the conversation. Yoel's uncommon touch always catches me off guard even now. This episode really touched a nerve with me because I have relatives that are on their similar journeys to sexual liberation. Nic really gave me the added lessons on engaging with a better sensibility when talking about trans visibility while black. Their proximity to the religious and the inner workings of the traditional was so refreshing in its unabashed delivery. All in all, I found this episode to be hopefully jarring. Take a listen and you'll get what I mean.

_zari olawale

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